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We work with several local Wedding Venues in our area and each one is a bit different in how they do their

packages, the following info is to be used as a guide when designing your cake within your package…


What’s included in my package?

You get your choice of one of our basic cake flavors and one of our fillings.

Our basic cake flavors are as follows:

White Buttermilk Cake

French Vanilla Cake

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Yellow Sour Cream Cake

Any of these basic cake flavors can be filled with one of our yummy fillings…Coconut Pecan and Cream

Cheese fillings require an additional charge not covered in your package.

Basic buttercream designs are included, such as…

Cornelli Lace, Diamond Quilt Pattern with or without buttercream pearls, Swiss Dot, Triple Swiss Dot,

Scrollwork and Buttercream Texturing

**Your package is for round tiers only**


How many servings do we get in our package cake?

The amount of guests that you book with your venue is the amount of servings that you will get with your

package cake, unless the venue states otherwise.  Each venue is different, some will have a credit applied,

others have a serving amount limit and others will cover the same amount as guests booked.

For example:

You are booking approx. 100 guests…your cake with us will serve approx. 100.   This would be a 3-tier cake.


Can we get extra servings?

Yes you can, however,  you will be responsible for those extra servings.   

Extra servings will be priced at the vendor’s price.


Can we choose a specialty cake flavor and an extra filling?

Yes you can, however, you will be responsible for that extra upcharge.


Can we choose fondant work, topper or sugar flowers on our cake?

Yes you can, however, you will responsible for that extra detail charge.   Your package only includes basic

buttercream work.  Any fondant, sugar, chocolate work added to your cake will be an additional charge.   


Is the Groom’s Cake included in our package?

Some of the venues that we work with do include the groom’s cake with their package.  Some have let us

split the servings among both cakes…by doing so, you the customer would only be responsible for any

additional servings that the design calls for and any extra add-ons.   When it’s included in your package, the

design is for a traditional style groom’s cake…be sure to ask us for a sample of that design.     


Can I get different shaped tiers on my cake?

Yes you can, however, specialty shaped tiers such as squares, ovals, petals, hexagons and sculpted tiers do

have an additional charge applied.  These specialty shaped tiers sometimes consist of 3-6 layers of cake with

filling between the layers, therefore we do charge a little bit more for these tiers as they do take a little

longer to prepare.  Your package includes round tiers, these tiers consist of 3 layers of cake with 2 fillings.


Can I get a cake stand?

yes, our stands rent for $50.00 and each stand requires a refundable deposit which is the cost of the stand

should it need to be replaced.   Your deposit will be cashed.


Do you deliver my cake to the venue?

Delivery is included in your package, however if your cake is less than 60 servings, we ask that you make

arrangements to have someone pick it up at the shop.


Am I responsible for the cake board?

Unfortunately we do not always get our boards returned from the venues, therefore we have started

charging a $20 board deposit, refundable upon return by the Tuesday after your event.  


How soon do I need to get final guest count to you?

We need final guest count at least 2 weeks before event, if venue does not cover guest count billed, you

will be responsible for those additional servings.  Usually the number of guests that you book with the venue

is the amount of servings the venue will pay us.